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2013. 10. 13. - 28. SPAR Budapest International Marathon
rank name birth country Club city Gender bib cat. rank 10 km halfm. 15 km 5 km 9.5 km 21 km 1st lap 2nd lap 14 km 7 km 1st day 21 km half distance 8,9 km 35 km 22,8 km 1,5 km 1st runner 2nd runner 1st day/1st time 1st day/2nd time 1st day/3rd time 1st day 2nd day/1st time 2nd day/2nd time 2nd day/3rd time 2nd day 3rd day/1st time 3rd day/2nd time 3rd day/3rd time 3rd day 4th day/1st time 4th day/2nd time 4th day/3rd time 4th day 3rd lap 4th lap 3rd runner 4th runner 1st part time 2nd part time 3rd part time gross time net time Distance (km)
  Kashivskyy, Oleh 1970 POL   Warszawa M 4643                                                                                            
1983. Kashivskyy, Oleh 1970 POL   Warszawa M 4643 S1/364   01:58:33                                                                                 04:23:14 04:20:21 0

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